Pwnee Update!

Pwnee has a new game! If you're into RTS's with millions of units (seriously), you should check it out. If you're not, but, you know, you're into platformers with millions of, I don't know, fireballs or something, then scroll down!


Cloudberry Kingdom is about one thing: intense, focused, never-ending platformer action. Imagine the difficulty curve of Tetris meets old school platformer action.

Infinite Levels

We've spent years teaching our level design AI how to make levels at just the right difficulty for every player. No matter how good you get, the AI will always serve up another level that can challenge your skills.

No matter how hard the levels get, they are always possible. The AI takes care to design levels that can always be beat.

Hero Selection

Design your own physics in Hero Factory. Add a jetpack or strap yourself to a wheel. Adjust gravity, friction, and a dozen other parameters. Afterward the AI will make levels custom made for your new hero physics.

Multiple Game Modes, 4 Player Multiplayer, and Bungee Co-Op

Up to four player gaming with local multi-player and Co-Op modes, including bungee mode, where all players are tethered together and must collaborate to clear a level.

Experience three different types of play with friends or solo: Story mode, Free Play, and the infinite Arcade mode which includes four different games with global online leaderboards.

Pretty Things

We used a computer to draw pictures and made them into movies. Also to tell a story and stuff!

Celebrity Voice Acting

The game touts celebrity Voice Actors Kevin Sorbo, star of the hit TV series "Hercules" and "Andromeda" (SPACESHIPS ARE AWESOME).

Because yes. That's why.

"The Algorithm"

We spent the last two years teaching an Artificial Intelligence how to design and play platformer levels. Afterward we caged it in a box of software and called it a game.

The AI procedurally builds new levels every time you play the game, so it's never the same twice. It can target any difficulty, so no matter how insanely gosu you are, you'll still find an intense challenge right at your level.

Every level is guaranteed to be possible. If you don't believe it, you can always summon the AI to show you how it's done, and it will blast apart the level in addition to your pride.

Available now on WiiU, Steam, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.