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Full text of gospel in Futuna; with chapters on the islands of the new Hebrides, the people, their customs, religious beliefs,

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The Romance of Missionary Heroism

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Following the Equator, Part 1 by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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The Black Sparrow Among Ravens

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Keywords: Eus, Contrast Enhanced Eus, Eus-Fna, Liver 144 Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2018; 33 Suppl.

  • He spoke of his plans in the first place to various members of the American Board.

  • Those of us who have never seen the equator are a good deal excited.

  • In con- temporary West Futuna speech e is not properly ergative but occurs to identify the subject of a sentence where ambiguity might otherwise arise and, less often, to indicate an empha- sis on the subject noun phrase.

It is easy to make plans in this world; even a cat can do it; and when one is out in those remote oceans it is noticeable that a cat's plans and a man's are worth about the same.

  • In the same way ancient tables record discrepancies, which doubt- less arise from varying knowledge and difference of instru- ments.

  • Their poetry seems more akin to Hebrew than either English, Greek, or Latin.

  • Mackay had to begin without delay those mechanical labors by which he was to produce so deep an impression on the native mind, and which by and by made his name famous all round the shores of the Victoria Nyanza.