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Our talented team has won many Fantasy Fest contests with their living art pieces and we want to make you our next canvas!.

  • Get painted by Hollywood celebrity make-up artist Ron Wolek and his stellar crew! The purpose of all of that to create an ultimate destination for adult entertainment filled with good vibes and happy aftertaste.

  • Bunnies outside the London Playboy Club in 1969.

  • Jump into crazy fun with the Island House pool boys, loads of free shots, and a Sunday raffle that's sure to wet your whistle! To anyone spending a lot of time in cities all over the nation, the Playboy Club was the place you knew you could go and not be treated as a stranger.


  • Other than the obvious the lower the number the earlier the member not much else.

  • She must have bought the key from the Miami location, but I only visited the Cincy club.

  • I'll start with a picture of me at age 12 at the Baltimore Playboy Club in 1971.

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