Johnny Depp - 🧡 Johnny Depp faces uphill battle in suit against Amber Heard

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Depp alleged Heard was upset that he broached the topic of obtaining one in Australia, while Heard alleged that it was Depp who didn't want to get one.

  • He admits that he drank every day.

  • Depp tried claiming Heard was "berating him in a rage" as he tried to leave and threw a can of Red Bull at him and punched him in the face before he finally left.

  • One event that has been repeatedly dissected throughout the trial centers on an argument that occurred in Australia in 2015.

Image Credit: Shutterstock defamation has caused a stir among fans, but one of the many rumors to stem from the trial, included fans thinking that the 58-year-old actor has started a relationship with one of his lawyers, Camille Vasquez.

  • In a video, Depp is seen slamming kitchen cabinets and appears to be behaving erratically.

  • Depp and Heard have both accused each other of physical and verbal abuse throughout the trial.

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