Cloudberry Kingdom

You're probably wondering -- since this is our first game -- why do we even have a "Games" page on our website? I mean, there's just one game.

Most game studios have more than one game, so it makes sense to have a "Games" page on their website.

This is it for Pwnee Studios though. Just one game.

I have no justification for my actions.

Maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

This is Cloudberry Kingdom!

The weird little guy you've been seeing is called Bob.

He is angry.

Bob has saved the princess one too many times, and after 20 years of trying hasn't gotten much out of it. Now's he's just some middle-aged dude with some scruff and a belly.

But we don't really care about Bob's P.O.S. life. We care about hardcore platformer action.

No, not hardcore enough.




Stop. Stop it. Just, stop.

Alright... Uh, tell us about the game?


OK. So get this. You can be, like, a spaceship.

That.. doesn't really make sense for a platformer.

How about a dude strapped to a wheel WITH A JETPACK though.

Yeah. Yeah, now we're talking. Did I mention all the levels are designed by a freakin' computer?

And you can design your own heroes!

Modify gravity. Put yourself in box (uh, wat...?). Make yourself gigantic!

Whatever you do, the computer will make levels designed with your weird new hero in mind.

While you're at it, you can tell the computer exactly what you want in a level.

Giant serpent things. Spinny fire sticks of death maybe. You decide!

Alright, but you don't just want a sandbox. You want RETRO ARCADE GOODNESS.


Is there is such a thing?

Oh, there is.

Over 20 different Arcade modes, with global leaderboards.

Did I mention the Arcade modes are infinite? The further you get, the harder it becomes. It never stops.

Also, 4 player co-op mode! Holy $#@! how many hardcore procedurally generated platformers have 4 player co-op?!

At least one, that's how many.

And when you get bored with the game, trust me, that's exactly the moment that you will discover HATS.

And when you're tired of hats, you can teach yourself JAPANESE.

That's... probably not actually a selling point, but goddamn Japanese looks neat.


Alright, so I need to go and things.

But check out Cloudberry Kingdom! Coming soon to Playstation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Steam.