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Sean Cody

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Who won Love Island series one, are Jess Hayes and Max Morley still together now and who else was in the show?

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Jess and Max Get Married*

And max jess Jess and

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Where the Love Island series one cast are now from tragic miscarriage to X

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And max jess Sean Cody

Love Island winners Jess and Max confess they’re NOT REALLY IN LOVE

Here’s What Happened To Every ‘Love Island’ UK Couple

Life inside the villa is undoubtedly different to the real world, so it's.

  • However, it is best to just focus mainly on obliterating opponents one-by-one with superior direct units.

  • They're doing very little to quash that something is happening between them and if they are together, it may be the reason why Jess H burst into tears yesterday.