The first RTS with no Unit Caps.

Millions of units. No slow down. No lag.

All battle.

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Sweet features

  • No unit caps
  • Command millions of units
  • Largest scale RTS battles in HISTORY. #$%&!
  • 4 player multiplayer death matches
  • Sweet Chinese music

One Million Men Never Felt So Good

Ancient China, 220 AD. China is in disarray and within years the population plummets from 60 million to less than 20 million. Massive war involving millions of men devastates the land. When General Huangfu Song 義真 was asked how he got around the unit caps to build such massive armies, he replied "小馬是世界上最好的開發商" which in the barbarian tongue of English means roughly, "What the %$#^ are unit caps, this is war!"

Forget about micro. Forget about build orders. This war is about one thing. Ridiculous, uncompromising, seething masses of blood hungry warriors massacring each other by the hundreds every second.

There is no unit cap. Control armies of hundreds of thousands, even millions. Send orders to a single unit, or send orders to a million units. Frantically maintain control of your resources across epic sized maps, while constantly building out your fleet of barracks to churn out millions of more units.

I don't know if fast paced, retro arcade style strategy is a thing, but if it is, this is it. 我會看到你在戰場上。

Dragon Lords

Together at last
It Starts
Big Battle #5
Huge Freakin' Battle


Jordan Fisher

Michael Suswal

Mo Qian

T.J. Lutz
Vice Presidente

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