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Although seating in the circus and amphitheater may have been more lax than in the theater, there was clearly a hierarchy of arena seating according to social rank.

  • Straightforward combat between similarly armed warriors was a major component of gladiatorial games.

  • The best seats were those closest to the sand, where emperors and presiding officials had special boxes.

  • It should be noted that at the same time, a certain type of gaze could indicate reverence and worship.

When badly behaved girls were subjected to a naked public it no doubt taught them to respect the Romans as well as setting an example to other would be malcontents and providing wholesome entertainment for the general population at the same time.

  • Notably, slaves stood naked on the platform to be sold, and thus in this spatial context, nudity was tied directly to servility.

  • In the past few decades, however, scholars have started to analyze the complex motivations for deadly public entertainments and for contradictory views of gladiators as despised, yet beloved hero-slaves.

  • The Romans are unusual, however, in transforming public killing into entertainment to this degree and in allowing an audience to affect the outcome of gladiatorial duels.