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Blondie’s 20 greatest songs

It sounds like nothing else Blondie have recorded.

  • In June and July 2013, the band held a Blast Off Tour of Europe.

  • She turned into a sex image and was soon a troublemaker symbol.

  • Show - Dick Clark Productions T.

After a tumultuous engagement that included a 28-day, 7-hour, 8-minute, 22-second hunger strike, these two unlikely misfits tied the matrimonial knot in the memorable comic strip wedding scene of Feb.

  • There was only 1 set as well.

  • It was first revealed that the band's album was going to be released first in Australia through the Australian label in December 2010, but Sony later backed out of the deal, leaving the album still unreleased.

  • Many plot elements are a reach, but that's forgivable being its fun-first comic roots.