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Netflix’s ‘The Circle’: The Exhilarating Stupidity of the Series

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The Circle Season 1: What Happened to Tammy & Ed Eason After The Show

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The Challenge: What To Remember About Ed From The Circle Season 1

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Netflix's The Circle Star Mitchell Eason Under Fire After Racism Claims Surface Online

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Evo Ed: Find the Circle... Quickly!

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How the producers meddled in season two was smart and necessary.

  • Circle Private Message Rebecca: Bro, what are you doing? Also, with Adam and Chris now in the mix, will Shubham's earnestness be drowned out by muscle-y machismo? Once you get used to people commenting about how you look, then it gets a little easier.

  • What's your favorite emoji and why? I agree with you 100 percent on the real-life biases within the game.

Who Is the Real Adam from 'The Circle'? Meet Eddie van Heel

Keep the same contestants the whole time.

  • It's a job board for modeling, commercials, extras in movies.

  • I remember texting you — in the thick of my season one binge — about how annoying I found the addition of new players.